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Little Blue


"I am certain that is the case. A few days and her skin will look like ours."

With another kiss to her lips he dismissed everyone from the room and drew the curtains to keep their privacy while Eris fed their child and he tended to some of her more intimate wounds. Once he was confident she was on the mend he returned to her side. Fingers brushing the cheek of their nursing daughter.

"Can you believe we did this? Us of all people, meant for destruction and chaos, we created something absolutely perfect… …" He could t take his eyes off the little girl. 

The room emptied slowly as Loki ushered them out, the family finding themselves alone for the first time. Eris couldn’t stop merely staring at the child within her arms, cooing softly and allowing the babe to grip her finger as she fussed. “Are you hungry, my love? Is that what you would like..?”

She tucked her garment down, scooting up to allow her little one access to her swollen breast. Eagerly, she latched on, suckling healthily. Eris gave a tiny whimper at the sting, chuckling and glancing up to meet Loki’s eyes as he tended to her injuries. It was a bit embarrassing, to have him see her in such a state, but there was something almost intimate about how he mended her.

"We did this… We made this beautiful, little thing.." She muttered, flicking her fingers slowly over his own. "Do you think she’s getting enough?" She glanced between them, attempting to hide her obvious nerves before.. Eris paused, giving a small and tender smile. "And more importantly… What does daddy think to name his princess? I think.. No, I would like for you to name her, Loki.” 

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Texts from Jotun

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Little Blue


Loki sat on the edge of the bed beside her, his fingers brushing sweat clung strands from her forehead while she fell in love with their daughter. The blue tinting of her skin was sporadic and broken up by patches of pink that told him it would be temporary and hopeful fading as the weeks went on. 

"She is perfect, beautiful. I am so very proud of you." He leaned in to kiss Eris, deeply. "Thank you." He whispered as he looked at their little girl, his focus was on nothing but the two of them as healers fussed over the new family and cleaned up around them. 


"My lord?" A voice piped up behind him. "We really should check her lungs again, the color of her skin is… " Loki silenced her gently with a hand held up in silent protest. "Her skin is fine, I assure you. Please do what you need to for Eris and see she is healing from delivery but our daughter is fine." 

The new mother sobbed quietly, mixed with laughter, and unable to contain her joy. After so much worry, so many months of dedication, and growing not only of their child but between the pair of them… And here she was. Eris held her close, cradling the child as if she’d never let her go, unaware of the tremor in her arms and body, returning his kiss with just as much fervor, her body cold and the stress of the last few hours finally catching up with her.

"Don’t fuss…" She smiled, glancing up to meet Loki’s gaze. "Is she alright? Truly, is this coloration just from us or-" Eris’ head bobbed suddenly, cutting off her sentence for a moment before she jerked herself back awake as two healers were upon her, leaning her back upon the pillows.

"No, no please, I’m fine there’s no need.. no need…" She stared up at him, exhaustion etched in her eyes. As they finished changing the garments and sheets, testing and checking a rather irritable goddess. All the while, the newborn continuously squirming to keep up, looking around with wide eyes, mouthing hungrily.

"Loki, can we please have them leave, I’m fine…I’m fine, truly. If there’s any healing to be done, I have faith with you but I just.. I just want the three of us, please…"

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Little Blue


Loki could hear Eris panicking so he pressed for more form the healers. They vague resonances were irritating the worries father. “What do you mean by blue?” His tone more demanding this time. “Is she breathing?” He still had not heard a single cry and time was moving too quickly despite how it was slowed for him. 

"—Yes My lord, her chest is moving but the color of her skin it is… " Deciding it was better that he see for himself the woman moved aside so he could see the new born. "Perfect." He smiled and brushed his fingers over her little cheek. "She is perfect." 

The blue tint of her skin was not for lack of breath but his own Jotun blood. He had never been so happy to see another of his kind in his life, he couldn’t swaddle and scoop her into his arms quick enough. “Hello little one.” He gave the baby a tearful smile and earned an opening of her ruby eyes in return. 

He looked back to Eris as he turned and swallowed back tears. “Come meet your mother.” 

The goddess remained still, body trembling and heart beating loudly in her ears as Loki stared back at her, holding what was surely their child in his arms.

"She’s.. She’s not crying, is she-" Eris had leaned forward, one of the healers watching her carefully til the small bundle in the god’s arms began to move, giving a small grunt. The newborn stared up at Loki as if fascinated by her father as he walked forward. 

Eris choked back a sob, covering her mouth as she smiled with every drop of admiration and love in the realm. She reached out to meet him, cooing, unable to speak as tears began to flow readily once more. One hand clung to Loki, dragging him to sit next to her before wrapping the other around the babe lovingly.

"H-Hello.. hello my darling.. Loki.. she’s beautiful… hello!" She grinned, trying her best not to cry as the new mother leaned over, nuzzling her nose against the child, laughing. It had slipped her mind, never thinking on it, that their new daughter may carry Loki’s Jotun lineage. And never once had she seen the blue tint to even his own skin. 

"Why on Earth are you blue, my dear?" she giggled, unperturbed so long as she were healthy,still speaking high pitched to their daughter.

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Aching Soul


"I thought it prudent that the room be made Eris proof." He allowed himself a chuckle. "I should leave to your rest." His eyes followed her’s to glance at her swollen belly, still biting back the urge to offer her his condolences and washing his hands of this whole mess. And Gods it was a mess. 

"Dinner is in a few hours, will you be dining with us or should I have your meal send up to you?" 

She couldn’t help but smile. It was indeed an improvement to see someone not only taking her power seriously and prepping, but also to joke about it with a sense of normality. It seldom happened. Her smile faded though, following his eyes. There was something he wanted to say,to talk about but he ignored it. 

"I… would like to eat up here less you think it’s more appropriate I eat else where. But you still avoided my questions. Where are your chambers and what is it you wish to say? Foolish decisions were made but I am not a fool. Now speak up, what is it you have to say?"

Little Blue


His breath was lost for every beat that he didn’t hear the wailing of a newborn. They had taken her behind a curtain where he could not see her, the cord was cut and she was gone. “They’re cleaning her off.” He lied quickly and gave Eris’s temple a soft kiss and wipe the tears and sweat from her brow. “Everything will be ok.” 

The words were spoken as he heard the healers’ muffled words of concern that the baby was not breathing properly. His heart now skipping beats as he took clumsy steps towards them and moved the curtain so he could check on her. “What’s wrong, why is she not crying?”

"—She is alert." One of the the younger healers pulled him back and away from the commotion. "But her color. . she is… " It was clear the woman struggled to explain. 

"Blue, my lord." 

Eris gave out a final gasp at her last push, breaking through a sob as she panted. Gasping for breath, she attempted to sit up, only to see the nurses all walking away. Yet there was no happiness. No smiles. No ‘it’s a girl’ or anything that she had expected. Something was wrong.

"Where are they taking her, where-" Loki interrupted her, soothing her fears as he kissed her. But his attentions were away, staring to where the child had been taken. He’s lying, he’s trying to calm me. The god stood, stumbling away behind a veil where she could neither hear nor see. 

"My… my baby…Where..?" The goddess, though exhausted and pushed beyond her limits, sat up, trembling and attempted to roll off the bed as healers began pushing her back down, cooing gently.

"Get… off! Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do, that’s my daughter! Where is she, I’ll use every drop of power in my body to tear this… place..” Eris stilled, watching as Loki began to walk around the corner, her entire world standing still, unable to tell if this was time for celebrations of otherwise…

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Hey guys! Sorry I have been a bit inactive recently! I have had  A LOT of rl stuffies going on and will be a bit quiet during the day this weekend as I am going to a convention. Will be doing catch up and if anyone would like to plot or if I’ve missed anyone, please feel free to message me!

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That’s now?!


He reacted without anger, voice calm and reassuring despite the fear that chocked him to hear this. “It’s ok.” He soothed her through the painful contraction. “The baby is doing well right now and so are you.” 

Kissing her forehead he looked to Eir who sat at the end of the bed ready to deliver the child. “She had been in labor for so long, she’s exhausted and weak.” The weight of the news hit him hard. “The baby is in distress… “

He knew Eris couldn’t hear her and it was for the best. She needed to relax and rest and focus on these last few pushes. “Eris, sweetheart?” Eir looked past Loki and to her patient. “I want you to push as hard as you can with the next contraction, alright?” 

'It's okay. The baby is doing well right now and so are you.'

It was precisely what she wished to hear. Eris was exhausted, both physically and mentally strained, hanging onto anything she could for comfort. At his words, she smiled, letting out a breathy laugh. Yet suddenly, as he spoke to Eir, Loki’s grip upon the goddess’ hand tightened and his jaw clenched. 

"Loki- Loki, what is it? What did she say?" her voice was panicked and high, glancing between the pair before squeezing his hand tightly once more, screaming again as she pushed, panting as the contraction passed one more.

"H-How much.. How much more.. Is she alright? Please.. Loki.. I’m so..  I can’t.."

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That’s now?!


Loki was by her side in no time. He couldn’t have moved across the littered and crowded floor fast enough to hold her. 

Kissing away the tears of exhaustion from her cheeks Loki reassured her with a soft chuckle in her ear. “I thought I told you not to start without me? Leave it to you to get independent when I am away.” 

"What do you need?"

Eris gripped his hand tightly, quirking a smile before biting her lip and gasping once more. Her fingers were ice cold and pale as the rest of her flesh.

"Y-You idiot.. gods.. we- we’re gonna need a lot of clean u- ah!" She screamed again, gritting her teeth and curling her body as one of the healers spoke firmly to her. 

Eris, you have to push, my lady, you have to now.’

"I can’t… I can’t.." she whimpered, sobbing as she held onto him. "L-Loki.. Loki, I lied. I lied, I’m sorry, the baby.. they told me- gah! They told me months ago she was too big.. she was growing too quickly, I just- ah hah.. hah.. I’m so sorry… I’m so sorry…"

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